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We source charter aircraft and empty legs for you to book live online. We have been booking charter aircraft since 2003 and have used that know-how to build you an online experience that gives you the widest online choice of charter aircraft in Australia. Having been around for some time, we have strong relationships with all charter operators in Australia and have the biggest list of businesses to help you organise almost any flight request you can dream of. We know how to find EmptyJets and are here to help you find them!


Our online aircraft finder matches your flight request with hundreds of aircraft from our database. You can browse available aircraft at your own pace and choose what works for you. Once you have booked your private aircraft, our system organises everything from reserving the aircraft, booking the flight crew and paying the charter operator. All you have to do is follow the arrival instructions we send you and your professional crew will be waiting to conduct your flight at your time.


Our name comes from one of our favorite pastimes, finding empty jets for hire. From experience, we know that finding charter aircraft, getting quotes and booking them can be difficult. We believe many people wonder if private aviation can help them but don't even know where to start. EmptyJets is our way of making your charter booking journey easy.

We want to open up the world of private aviation to you in a brand new way. We want to make choosing and booking professional charter aircraft an easy and intuitive experience. Our mission is to help you to discover the incredible advantages that private travel can give you or your business.