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Operators Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register as an operator, you can login and add your flights at any time.

YOU nominate the price you want for the flight. We encourage you to make it a bargain if possible, to increase chances of selling the flight.

Once your customer has booked the flight, they will be put in direct contact with you, the aircraft operator to arrange final departure details.


EmptyJets is a completely FREE service for aircraft charter operators to list and sell their Empty Legs.



Who is EmptyJets?

EmptyJets is an Australian company founded by aviation professionals with over 30 years combined industry experience. We realised a need to offer a well established, centralized location for aircraft charter operators to offer their empty positioning flights for sale to the general public or to other charter operators or brokers.

How is EmptyJets different to other Empty Leg Systems?

EmptyJets is specifically tailored to Australian operations and is marketed to the Australian public. It designed to be simple to use, have instant booking facilities, and be relevant to all different types of charter aircraft. The system has been developed to be accessible and affordable to the general public of Australia. It also aims to be highly beneficial and relevant to Australian charter operators.

Who benefits from EmptyJets service?

The Customer

Customers can access a range of flights going to locations not serviced by regular airlines, at a price much cheaper than a normal charter flight. EmptyJets also makes flying on charter aircraft, more affordable to average person.

The Aircraft Operator

Charter operators earn extra revenue for their empty flights for little to no additional cost.

The Aviation Industry

The industry benefits as operators gain extra revenue and charter flying becomes more affordable to travelers.

The Environment

More people can fly for the same environmental impact.

Why should I sign up as Operator with EmptyJets?

Operators can post their empty flights on EmptyJets free of charge and gain additional revenue. It is free and easy to sign up and start listing your flights. There is no hidden catch!

What price do I specify for the flight?

It is completely up to you what price you wish to sell the flight for. You may need to take into account additional costs such as accommodation, landing and terminal fees, catering or additional flying. Obviously, the more reasonable the price, the more chance of selling the empty leg.

What commission does EmptyJets receive for the flight?

The EmptyJets web system automatically adds a commission (approximately 10%) plus allowance for credit card fees (approximately 2%) to the price you specify for the flight. The flight is then listed for this price and you still receive the full amount you specify.

Can I view or purchase other operator's flights?

To view or purchase other operator's flight you will need to upgrade to a general membership which is $29.95 for 12 months. You will also be able to use the Flight Alert features which notify you automatically of any flights by location or type that interest to you.

How does the customer pay for a flight?

Customers pay for the flight by credit card upon booking through our secure online booking system.

Can the customer book a single seat on a flight?

When a customer purchases a flight with EmptyJets, they have the option of chartering the whole aircraft for that particular leg. As a licensed travel agent, Empty Jets enables Operators to also offer the option of selling individual seats on charter flights or tours.

How do I get paid for the flight?

EmptyJets will forward the payment to you by EFT within 7 days or less of payment by the customer.

What happens once a flight is booked?

After the customer books a flight, they are automatically sent a confirmation your contact details. You are automatically sent a purchase order and contact details for the passengers to arrange the departure details.

What if we need to cancel a booked empty leg?

If the empty leg needs to be cancelled please notify us immediately. We will then notify the customer and provide them with a full refund for the flight.

Can passengers book a single seat on a flight?

When a customer purchases an empty leg they are effectively chartering the whole aircraft for that leg. We do not sell individual seat tickets.

Who is responsible for the flight?

All EmptyJets flights are operated only by Operators approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or other relevant body to conduct charter operations in the relevant state, territory or country. EmptyJets reviews operator's qualifications when they register with us, however the safety and regulatory compliance of the flight remains with the Operator.

What type of aircraft does EmptyJets offer?

All types of aircraft that are approved for passenger charter operations can be listed on EmptyJets. This includes private jets, light aircraft, helicopters and airliners.

Can the customer cancel the flight after booking?

The customer can cancel the flight after booking if necessary, however cancellation fees will apply to cover credit card fees etc.

What flexibility is offered with timing of the flight?

You can arrange with the customer to vary your departure time if required,and conversely, they may request a change, however the final decision is left to your discretion as the operator.

What flexibility is offered with destinations?

Once the customer has purchased a flight, they may request different departure/destinations details to the original booking. You may change the details of the flight at your discretion of the operator. This may incur additional costs which would be arranged from the customer directly with you the operator.

What do we need to include with the flight?

The booking with EmptyJets provides the passengers travel on the empty flight leg on a charter basis as arranged with the operator. Any inclusions such as catering, transfers etc are at your discretion as the operator. We expect that you will treat the passengers as you would any of your charter clients and give them a pleasant experience!

What if the passengers are late?

If the passengers are running late, they are advised to notify you with the contact numbers provided. If the passengers arrive after the arranged departure time they may be required to forfeit the flight without refund.

Can charter brokers post flights on EmptyJets?

Charter brokers can sign up as an operator also and post empty legs. We recommend liasing with the operator of the flight to ensure they are in agreement with this.

How will you market and sell the flights to the general public?

EmptyJets is putting considerably time and funding into marketing the system to the general public, so that it will be successful and beneficial, and that your flights will have a high chance of selling. This includes advertising campaigns in print media such as magazines and newspapers (aviation, travel and general), television and radio advertising, press releases and online marketing (search engines etc).

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